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What to consider when comparing packages?

What To Consider When Comparing Packages


Deals often have channel packages such as movies, sports, kids etc. Check what’s included and whether they align with your preferences.


This will obviously be a deciding factor when deciding between deals as you won’t want to pay for more than you need.

Contract length

Contracts for TV packages usually range from monthly contracts to 1 or 2 years long. Longer deals may have better value but may lock you out of being able to find a newer, better deal.

Streaming services

Services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime have shaken up the TV market. Some deals will include subscriptions to streaming services. If you mainly use streaming services at the expense of traditional TV, you may want to consider whether a TV package deal is worth the money.

Installation and equipment

Some deals may require certain equipment, such as a box, to access channels and services. Those with installation and equipment may also have an added initial setup cost.


Will you want to benefit from your package throughout the house? Multi-room offerings are increasingly available, but at a price.

How Can My Tv Package Be Received

How can my TV Package be received?


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Digital Satellite

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Digital TV via broadband

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You’ll need a TV licence if you watch, download, or record any live TV. This not only includes BBC channels but any channel that provides a live service.

If you want to watch Freesat, you’ll need a dish. You’ll also need one if you want to watch TV channels from abroad.

This will depend on what you want. The cheapest TV packages will have fewer channels and premium features, so if you want the extra benefits, you’ll pay more for it. It’s also worth keeping an eye on sales and price reductions as providers can offer these at various times.

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