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Term Life Insurance

Insurance for a predetermined period or defined 'term' of years.

Income Protection Insurance

Regular income, even when you are not working.

Over 50s Cover

Guaranteed lifelong protection without any medical checks.

Critical Illness Cover

Tax-free lump sum for you and your loved ones in times of need.

Private Medical Insurance

With shorter waiting times and quicker diagnosis.

Whole Of Life Insurance

Guarantee your loved ones' financial stability.


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What is Life Insurance?

Life insurance is a commitment to securing your loved ones’ future. Like a safety net. It’s a contract between you and the insurer that provides a lump sum payment (the death benefit) to your beneficiaries upon your passing.



This policy eases the burden of expenses like debts, mortgages, and more, ensuring your family’s well-being in your absence.

Why Compare Life Insurance with Monefi?

We value your time,
efforts and money

Leave the research to us, our insurance experts don’t just tailor the policy to your individual circumstances but also help you to avoid overpaying for your policy.

The process is simplified

Get personalised quotes within minutes. Once you click on “get a quote”, we ask you some basic questions around your situation. Our cloud based technology then reflects the most appropriate quotes for you within minutes.

Free consultations

Doubts are normal; after all, you’re on a journey to protect your loved ones’ future. Click on “book a call” for a free consultation with monefi’s insurance experts and get the advice you need.

How does Life Insurance Work?

Life insurance offers either a one-time lump sum or a series of regular payments, offering vital financial support to your loved ones when they need it most. It also covers income replacement, debt repayment, and estate planning. The pay out amount is determined by the coverage you choose.

Policy Purchase

Monefi helps you choose a policy that suits your needs and you invest regular premiums towards the policy.


We then discuss with you if you’d like the policy to be for a specific amount of time or your entire lifetime.


Designate one or more beneficiaries or trustees when you purchase the policy. These are the individuals that will receive the lump sum amount – death benefit.


You maintain the policy’s active status by paying your premiums consistently, either on a monthly or annual basis.

Passing Away

In case you pass away during the policy’s term, 
the insurance company pays out a tax-free lump sum (the death benefit), to your family/beneficiaries.

Benefits of Life Insurance:

Financial Protection

Monefi specialises in safeguarding financial stability for your loved ones. In the event of your death, our aim is to ensure your family can maintain their quality of life with a reliable financial cushion by their side.

Covers Funeral Costs

We understand that unexpected funeral expenses can be burdensome. Hence our insurance experts ensure that your insurance covers these costs, easing your family's emotional and financial strain.

Inheritance Tax

You can use a Whole of life insurance policy to cover inheritance tax upon your death, but there's a catch: Inheritance tax is typically due before your estate is distributed. To mitigate this ask your adviser about estate planning.

Getting Married

Marriage often brings added financial responsibilities. Monefi's policy makes inclusions towards securing your spouse's future too.

Managing Unexpected Costs

Life can be full of surprises, and that's why Monefi's insurance policy can be your reliable safety net for unexpected financial hurdles.

Maintain a standard of living

Instead of leaving your family alone during difficult times, Monefi's policy replaces your income, settles debts, funds education, and covers end-of-life expenses, for your loved ones.

How much cover do I need?

A useful guideline is to calculate the monthly expenses that would impact your family in case of your passing and then multiply this amount by a reasonable number of years. For instance, parents of young children may consider multiplying it by 15 years or more. It depends on your circumstances, such as dependents, their needs, and available income sources. 


At Monefi, we empower you to make an informed choice in picking the most suitable policy for your situation and to avoid overpaying. Book your free consultation call with our insurance expert and seek guidance on your individual situation. We  shall then assess your financial obligations, and create a customised policy that meets your family’s unique needs.

Types of Life insurance: Which one is for you?

At Monefi, we simplify your choice by offering two main types of cover, each tailored to meet diverse needs and budgets.

Level Term:

Imagine it like having a steady anchor – with level term life insurance, your payout remains constant throughout the entire policy. No matter when you pass away during the policy, your loved ones get the full amount



Decreasing Term:

Just as the name suggests – decreasing term life insurance sees the payout gradually reducing over time. These policies are commonly chosen to cover loans or mortgages, as those commitments also decrease over time.



Am I eligible for Life Insurance?

Your eligibility with an insurer depends on your health and lifestyle. You can secure life insurance even if you have health concerns, including mental health issues, or if you smoke.


Typically, such policies involve a medical evaluation, and it’s essential to provide this information openly for accurate underwriting.

Experts say:

Remember that the key is to strike a balance between affordability and adequate coverage. Don't sacrifice necessary coverage to save money, as the primary purpose of a life cover is to provide financial security for your loved ones in case of your passing.

How to get cheap life insurance?

The earlier, the better

Getting a policy at a younger age can result in lower premiums because you’re generally considered lower risk.

Stay healthy

Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Non-smokers and individuals with a good health history often receive lower premiums.

Bundle policies

Gain discounts if you bundle life cover with other types of insurance, like critical illness cover, income protection etc.

Policy type

Understand your needs and go for what suits your needs. Term life insurance is generally more affordable than permanent life insurance.

Annual premiums

Opt for annual premium payments instead of monthly. There is a higher probability of you receiving more offers on an annual basis.


What our customers say.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Life insurance provides a tax-free death benefit to beneficiaries upon the policyholder’s passing. It covers income replacement, debt repayment, funeral expenses, education costs, and estate planning. It safeguards loved ones financially, making it an essential tool for securing their future and addressing various financial obligations and goals.

Yes, you can generally cancel your life insurance policy at any time in the UK. During the 30-day cooling-off period after purchase, you can cancel without penalties. After this period, the process and consequences may vary based on the policy type. Hence we recommend that it’s important to review your specific policy terms. A consultation call with our insurance expert should help clarify any doubts. Book a free consultation today. 

In the UK, there is no set limit on the number of life insurance policies you can have. You can have multiple policies for multiple covers, but it’s important to ensure the total coverage meets your needs and isn’t excessive. It’s best to speak to our financial advisors and gain clarity. Avoid overpaying. 

While there’s no legal requirement for life insurance in the UK, most individuals choose to acquire it. This decision often revolves around safeguarding assets and ensuring the financial well-being of their families. It encompasses covering outstanding debts and providing financial security in case of critical illnesses.

If you outlive a term life policy, it expires without a pay out. Whole Of Life cover insurance continues with premiums and often has a cash value. Return of premium policies refund premiums if you outlive the term. Convertible policies can become permanent. Monefi can help you review policy terms and options with your insurer to suit your needs. 

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