How you can benefit from Private Medical Insurance?

Most UK residents are entitled to free healthcare from the NHS, yet many still take out Private Medical Insurance. This covers the cost of being treated by private healthcare providers. There are many benefits of having Private Medical Insurance which will be discussed in this article. 

What does it do?

Private Medical Insurance will help pay the majority of your medical bills if you’re treated privately. It allows you to have a choice in the level of care you receive, as well as how and when it’ll be provided. 


  • Reduced waiting time – You will be seen by a professional in a short period of time, and appointment times will be less than those on the NHS.
  • Have a private room – If you have to have surgery, or stay overnight in a hospital, you will likely get a private room instead of having to share a mixed room. 
  • Specialist referrals – You will be able to ask your GP to refer you to a private specialist or expert for specialist treatment. 
  • Decide which hospital – There is a better chance you can choose a surgeon and hospital that suits your desired place and time.
  • Get the scans you want – Sometimes the NHS will deny or delay a scan, with Private Medical Insurance, your cover can pay for a scan when you want one.
  • Physiotherapy – You will have better and quicker access to physiotherapy sessions than going through the NHS.

What does it cover?

All insurance types will have cover depending on the type of policy you buy and where you buy it from. When you buy a more basic policy, the cost of most in-patient treatments will be covered. This includes tests, surgery and day-care surgery. Other policies will extend to out-patient treatments which includes seeing specialists and consultants. These types of policies may ask you to pay a small, fixed amount for each night spent in an NHS hospital.

How do I choose a plan?

Private Medical Insurance can be offered to you as a scheme for employees as part of a company’s benefits. If you are an employee without access to Private Medical Insurance, you can buy it from:

  • A broker
  • A bank
  • A building society
  • An insurer
  • A financial adviser
  • A retailer

If you are considering applying for private medical insurance give one of our experts at Monefi a call today. They will guide you through the process and answer any questions you may be unsure about. 

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