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What is breakdown cover and do I need it?

Breakdown cover is like having a safety net for your car troubles. If your vehicle decides to breakdown – be it a dead battery or a flat tyre – breakdown cover steps in to make sure you and your car aren’t left stranded on the side of the road.


You can choose to buy breakdown cover by itself, or some insurers offer it as an add-on option with your car insurance. Others include it as a standard part of the package. It’s a good idea to compare your choices, ensuring you’re getting the best deal. This way, your vehicle is always equipped to tackle any unexpected bumps in the road.

What does a breakdown policy cover?

Your business is unique, and so are its insurance needs. Through our collaboration with Simply Business, we at Monefi offer a wide array of business insurance products. Each type is designed to protect specific aspects of your enterprise. Here’s a look at your options:

Roadside assistance

A breakdown policy comes with the essential benefit of roadside assistance. Think of it as a helpful hand for your vehicle when unexpected breakdowns happen, like a flat tyre or a moody engine. Roadside assistance aims to get your vehicle back on track if possible, preventing the hassle of being stranded.

At home car recovery

Your breakdown policy extends its protection to your home with at-home car recovery. Whether your vehicle acts up in your driveway or close to your home, this feature ensures that help is just a call away. It's the reassurance you need for unexpected issues right where you live.

National breakdown recovery

Choosing national breakdown recovery broadens your safety net across the country. If your vehicle can't be fixed, this feature lets you choose any location for towing. It ensures that no matter where you are in the country, help is ready to take you and your vehicle to a trusted location.

Onward Travel

Breakdown policy coverage goes beyond immediate fixes. With onward travel included, you're given options to continue your journey. Depending on your policy and provider, this could involve courtesy vehicles, overnight accommodation, or alternative public travel arrangements. It's the extra support to make sure you reach your destination, even if your vehicle decides to take a break.

European vehicle recovery

For those heading beyond borders, a breakdown policy can also cover European vehicle recovery. If you face vehicle troubles on the continent, this feature ensures that assistance is within reach, providing a sense of security during your European travels.

Types of breakdown cover you can consider:

At Monefi, you get tailored covers by choosing the best breakdown insurance type for yourself:

Personal Cover

With personal breakdown insurance, you're covered in any vehicle that meets your policy requirements. It doesn't matter if you're driving or just catching a ride. Depending on the provider and policy, it might even extend to people at your address, though there might be a limit.

Vehicle Cover

This one is straightforward. Vehicle breakdown cover lets you claim for a specific vehicle – a car, van, or motorcycle. You might even include several vehicles in this policy, up to a certain amount.

Traditional Breakdown Cover

Go the traditional route by paying a set amount, usually annually. In return, you usually get 24/7 cover for everything outlined in your policy. This covers callouts, sometimes up to a certain limit per year, as well as roadside and garage repairs, along with towing services.

Insurance Breakdown Cover

With insurance breakdown cover, you foot the bill upfront for callouts, repairs, and recovery if you break down. Later, you can claim these costs back from your breakdown cover provider.

What extras can I add to my breakdown cover?

Consider adding key replacement to your breakdown cover for added peace of mind. If you find yourself locked out or misplace your keys, this extra ensures a swift replacement, sparing you the stress of being stranded.

Adding battery replacement to your breakdown cover can be a smart choice. If your vehicle’s battery fails, this extra ensures a prompt replacement, preventing the inconvenience of a sudden breakdown.

Opt for tyre replacement as an additional feature to your breakdown cover. In the event of a flat or damaged tyre, this extra provides the necessary assistance to get you back on the road without the hassle of changing a tyre yourself.

For those venturing across borders, consider including European breakdown cover. This extension ensures that you’re covered for breakdowns that occur on the continent, offering a safety net during your European travels.

If you have multiple vehicles or a family, explore the option of multi-car or family breakdown cover. This inclusive feature provides protection for all eligible vehicles or family members under a single policy, streamlining your coverage.

For owners of special vehicles, such as camper vans or motorbikes, special vehicles cover can be a valuable addition. This extra ensures that your unique vehicle is included in your breakdown protection.

Guard against the common mishap of misfuelling by adding misfuelling cover to your breakdown policy. This extra assists in draining and refuelling your vehicle if you accidentally use the wrong fuel.

Consider including fuel cover to your breakdown policy to address unforeseen fuel-related issues. This extra may provide assistance if you run out of fuel or mistakenly use the wrong type.

Guard against the common mishap of putting the wrong fuel in your vehicle with misfuelling cover. This extra assists in draining and refuelling your vehicle if you accidentally use the wrong fuel.

Prevent being stranded due to an empty tank by considering fuel cover. This extra may provide assistance if you run out of fuel, ensuring you get back on the road without a hitch.

How much is breakdown cover?

Your vehicle


The cost of breakdown cover can be influenced by the specifics of your vehicle. Factors like its age, make, and model may impact the overall price. Newer vehicles or those with advanced features might incur different costs compared to older models.

Vehicle type


The type of vehicle you own plays a role in determining breakdown cover expenses. Whether you drive a car, van, or motorcycle can influence the overall cost. Different vehicle types may have distinct pricing structures based on their specific needs for breakdown assistance.

Your cover

The level of cover you choose is a key factor in the overall breakdown cover cost. Whether you opt for basic roadside assistance or a comprehensive package that includes additional features like home recovery or European coverage can impact the final price.

Number of vehicles

If you own multiple vehicles, the number of vehicles you want to include in your breakdown cover affects the cost. Some providers offer multi-vehicle or family policies, potentially providing cost-effective options for covering all your vehicles under a single plan.


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The number of callouts you can make in a year depends on your breakdown cover policy. Check your terms and conditions to understand the specified limit or any restrictions that may apply.

Breaking down without breakdown cover means you might face the full cost of recovery, repairs, and callouts. It’s a smart investment to ensure you have assistance when you need it.

If your vehicle breaks down at home, your breakdown cover can include assistance for home recovery. Check your policy to confirm if this feature is included.

Even if your business operates online – it’s just as real as a bricks and mortar establishment. You can protect it against risk, injury and the damage of possible compensation claims. That’s where our insurance providers come in.

When you break down, ensure your safety by pulling over if possible. Use hazard lights, stay in your vehicle if on a busy road, and call your breakdown provider for assistance.

Common exclusions may include pre-existing issues, routine maintenance, or events deemed outside the scope of typical breakdown scenarios. Review your policy for specific details.

Coverage abroad may depend on your breakdown policy. Some policies offer European breakdown cover for assistance outside the UK. Check your policy for details..

Some breakdown policies offer family or multi-vehicle coverage, extending assistance to family members or multiple vehicles. Check your policy for inclusion details.

The eligibility of older vehicles for breakdown cover varies among providers. Some policies may have age restrictions, so check with your provider regarding coverage for older vehicles.

Coverage waiting periods may apply, so review your policy to understand when you can make claims after taking out breakdown cover.

Payment options for breakdown cover vary. Some providers offer both monthly and annual payment plans. Choose the option that suits your budget.

Check your breakdown policy for details on coverage while towing a caravan. Some policies include assistance for caravan breakdowns, but it’s essential to confirm this in advance.

If your vehicle can’t be repaired roadside, your breakdown cover often includes towing to a nearby garage for further repairs.

Regular vehicle maintenance, including oil changes, tyre checks, and addressing warning lights, can help prevent breakdowns. Follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule.

Most breakdown cover providers offer the flexibility of both monthly and annual payment options. Choose the payment frequency that aligns with your financial preferences.

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